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Principled Right-Action Business Philosophy

Horizon Financial Management was founded upon a principled, mutually beneficial, right-action business philosophy. Our philosophy states the following:

When we do the best and most thorough possible job in resourcing project environments for our clients, and when we treat our employees the best way we can, including sharing our profits with them through structured reimbursement and benefits programs, then we and our clients will enjoy all the successes our businesses deserve.

Excellent Dunn and Bradstreet Ratings

HFM’s success is based upon our ability to expedite decisions that only an entrepreneurial entity with great credit and capital resources can employ.  Our ability to apply resources quickly while ramping up a new project environment is key to exceeding our clients’ expectation.  HFM will comply with any financial integrity and professional scrutiny review.

Industry-Leading Informational Reporting & Consultative Feedback

We realize that the primary focus of medical organizations is to increase revenue and improve cash flow.  From experience, we also know that as revenue and cash flow become strong, it becomes increasingly important for administrators to be able to decipher the numbers and data with solid informational reporting.

HFM’s self-developed, proprietary reporting software allows us the ability to create informational reporting tools to help administrators understand the numbers behind their business and, in turn, improve operations.

Fee Arrangements Based Upon “Shared-Risk”

Horizon Financial Management believes in sharing the risk with our partners in fee arrangements.  Our Shared-Risk Fee Arrangement means that HFM is compensated based upon revenue that we create, or handle, on your behalf.

SOC 2 Type II Certificate of Compliance Achieved

News of breached servers and private information being stolen and shared online is becoming more commonplace; it is more important than ever that medical organizations only trust their PHI with an agency that complies with very important and recognized security distinctions; breaches are extremely costly to providers. The country’s most-well-run medical operations require a SOC 2 Type II Certificate of Compliance.

HFM achieving SOC 2 Type II Compliance demonstrates HFM’s operational & security excellence and certifies that HFM has policy & procedure oversight & is regularly audited on all internal processes taking place within the agency.

Cyber Breach Insurance

HFM covers our clients with $10,000,000 in Cyber Breach Insurance coverage.  HFM has never experienced a security breach in our 12-year history.

HFM is willing to make continual investments in order to protect our Partners

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About Us

As you are well aware, healthcare CFOs, revenue cycle directors, and other key industry administrators are under constant pressure to increase their bottom line revenue scenarios in order to maintain their competitive edge.

While hospital enterprise software systems are multi-faceted in their design scope, they fall short in the functionality required to optimize revenue in the post-billing processes.

Fortunately, Horizon Financial Management (HFM) fills that gap by providing practice management services to healthcare providers. Through a highly qualified management team and extensive research, we have been able to bring together state-of-the-art hardware, software, and communication networks available in the marketplace today to provide customized technological and staffing solutions that allow our clients to achieve their optimal revenue goals.

HFM also offers key solutions to physicians as well, including Day-One Billing services.

HFM understands that patient satisfaction is the key to the success of all healthcare enterprises. With that in mind, we've developed a model that stresses positive patient relations. We stress these qualities in our employment recruitment screening, and train our account representatives to reflect this principled philosophy. Our program demands high communication skills, technological adeptness, and emphasizes the importance of dealing with patients and guarantors in a polite and positive manner. We understand that in an ever-increasingly competitive healthcare marketplace, patient satisfaction and optimal revenue are your keys to a successful future.


Helping the Healthcare Industry Big and Small

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  • “In deciding to secure the services of Horizon, I have found their IT staff very knowledgeable and easily adaptable to our needs, quickly able to staff and train those on the project, very willing to ‘do it our way’ and ease of transition to start the project.”

    - R. Walker, VCU Health System