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Here are some ready answers to questions we get asked frequently.

FAQ Page

How do your fees work?

Most of the time we can work on a straight contingency fee, which is simply a percentage of the revenue […]

How does your agency recover revenue better than your clients can with all their resources available?

HFM is an entrepreneurial enterprise that can manage and resource projects in a uniquely and expedited manner. We can make […]

How long does it take to ramp-up a project?

Depending on the particular project scope, we can usually be up and running in less than thirty-(30) days

How can we be assured that your agency will be compliant in handling our Protected Health Information (PHI) in a secure and private manner?

Before we ever go live on your project, an executed Business Associates Agreement (BAA) is in place along with an […]

How can we be updated on the most recent activity regarding our patient accounts so our account reps can keep our patients informed?

Our IT Department will create an interface with your patient financial application where our “Notes Field” will update to populate […]