Accounts Receivable Services for Healthcare & Hospitals

Both medical science and information technology are complexities that can create loss or delay to crucial reimbursement scenarios within a healthcare provider’s business office. This creates undesired account aging, raising days-in-A/R and requires the management focus and expertise that HFM can provide in a revenue enhancement partnership.

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Pre-collection and Early Follow-up Services

Typically, within a hospital’s business office environment, accounts can quickly age to a point where additional staffing and technology are required in order to bring them to a viable resolution. HFM offers Insurance-Pre-Collection and Early-Follow-Up self-pay programs that address the particular financial classes and account parameters that you have identified which require a more customized project management approach. These flexible solutions lower your overall days in accounts receivable and reduce the number of accounts that fall into the bad debt collection buckets, which incur much higher outsourcing fees. HFM's services allow you to keep your own staff and resources focused on the much more viable front-end processes of their patient account queues.

First-placement Collection Agency Services

HFM maintains multiple resources designed to recover revenue optimally within our First-Placement Collection Service. Letter series, legal networks, credit bureau interfaces, predictive-auto dialing technology, wealth & charity scoring tools and interactive voice response systems (IVR) are combined with a group of diplomatic and polite account representatives, all working together to liquidate your bad debt accounts in a very efficient and viable manner.